Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Detox That Wasn't

I've come to the realization that the only way I'm going to actually enjoy (or at least tolerate) the drinking part of detoxing is if I make the drinks myself. The juice detox I attempted to do was disgusting and I just couldn't get through it. Out of 6 drinks, I only liked one, so after trying to choke down the other drinks for about half a day, I finally gave up. On the plus side, during the elimination diet, your body is already starting to detox because it's not getting the usual chemicals/foods that you normally eat, so I do think I got some benefits from the experience. However, I think the next time I do this, I will find some smoothie recipes and make my own detox drinks at home.

The elimination diet definitely was worse this time than last time. I had a horrible migraine that lasted from Wednesday afternoon until about 7pm Saturday night, even though I stopped doing the detox drinks at about 2 in the afternoon on Saturday. I cut out caffeine and sweets on the first day, red meat on the second day, other meat and dairy on the 3rd day, and then just had fruits and veggies on the last day. I feel like, even though I didn't do the full detox, I did reap some benefits from the elimination diet.

I'm not sure when I'll attempt another detox, though I'm hoping sometime in January/February. Another perk to doing it myself is I can choose how long I want to do it, and I could do a day or a two day detox diet instead of 3 days. Three days is difficult to accomplish with my work schedule and having kidlet home, so I feel like if I did a two day, I could just pick a weekend she's with her father. Usually, I try to find a long weekend she's there, but if I only did two days, I could easily do it while she's gone and then be ready to start eating solid foods again on Monday.

Anyway, I would NOT recommend the Juice from the Raw detox, unless you are used to drinking juiced vegetables. The only juice I liked was the Piney Apple Mint drink.

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