Monday, April 20, 2015


So, I finally had narrowed down our honeymoon to two locations: Freeport, Bahamas or Isla Mujeres, Mexico. The place I found in the Bahamas that had everything we wanted would not allow us to book less than 5 nights. The sticking point was when my ex husband would take kidlet. We typically split her winter break 50/50, but this year, the break is 11 days. Since I get her for Christmas this year, I figured it would make more sense for him to have the 6 days and for me to have the 5. That puts us not leaving until Tuesday, and since I don’t want to travel on the Sunday after New Years, we’d only have 4 nights. As a result, Mexico won out and it has proven to be the better option overall. It was less expensive, we get a direct flight home (connecting flight there) and neither of us have ever been to Mexico. I’ve been to Freeport and while I love it and would love to go back, it would have been even more expensive in the long run as we’d either have to rent a car or take taxis to do anything besides go to the beach while we’re there. Our money is also worth more in Mexico, so there’s that as well. Currently it’s about 15 pesos for every U.S. dollar.

We’re staying at a little hotel towards the southern end of the island. It has Jacuzzi tubs (a big bonus for me) and while it’s not directly on the beach, they provide free transportation to a local beach club. The beach club is in walking distance and I imagine Eric will want to take advantage of that to hit his step count. The majority of the “action” on the island is a fair distance away, well, as “fair” a distance as you can have on an island that is only about 5 miles long. Many of the reviews I read suggested renting a golf cart to explore the island and I think that sounds like a great idea. There’s a swimming with the dolphins program on the island, and they have a deal where you can stay at their ecological park after your dolphin adventure. The offer includes kayaking, bicycles and beach access as well as lunch. You can pay a bit more and go ziplining, which I might do, but Eric will probably decline. He’s afraid of heights. :)

I’m glad we booked the honeymoon when we did as prices would only go up the closer we got to the timeframe. Now I just need to renew my passport. I’m going to wait to make the name change until we get back from the honeymoon so I don’t have to worry about getting my passport back in time. It sort of sucks to do that since I have to renew my license this year, but at least with my passport, I can get my name changed for free if I request it within the first year of renewal. Wish the driver’s license worked the same, but oh well. Hopefully I will never have to go through this process again!

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