Monday, June 1, 2015

Four Months

We are T-minus 4 months to the wedding, give or take a few days. I feel like we’re pretty much set. Eric needs to get his groomsmen and himself tuxes, we still need to book a limo and we fired our photographer. We have a new one, but the old one had me really paranoid that she wouldn’t show. She postponed our engagement pictures the week of for a family emergency and then posted photos of her and her kids playing at a park. There were a few other red flags, and after going to a bridal event in April, Eric and I made the decision to cut her.

I think Eric’s mom is feeling a little left out of the wedding planning. I didn’t really think to include her since my own mother is deceased and my father is not very involved in my life. He’ll show up and walk me down the aisle (I’ve confirmed this), but we aren’t at all close. The problem is that Eric’s parents moved to Florida, so involving them in the planning just never occurred to me since, like my own father, they weren’t really local anymore. My father still technically has a house in the state, but he spends the majority of his time either working or down at his beach house with his fiancĂ©. So, it just made sense that Eric and I were on our own with the planning. However, the few times we’ve talked to his mom about the wedding, she asks what she can do to help and sadly, there really isn’t anything left.

The scale is finally being my friend again. I had a few ups and downs earlier this year, but I’ve finally figured out a game plan that seems to be working. I walk every day after work. Now that the kidlet is old enough to spend a bit of time in the house by herself by law, I can go for walks. We got her a cell phone for her birthday, nothing major, just a month to month plan with no contract and a simple phone that she can use in emergencies. So, every day after work I walk our neighborhood. I feel safer there than at my job. My goal is to lose at least 15 more pounds by the wedding and be back at my pre-Mirena weight. It would be awesome if I could lose 20 pounds, but I’m hoping to get beyond that by the honeymoon. We’re planning on trying for a baby within the first year of marriage, so I’d like to be at a healthy starting weight this time and not gain as much as I did last time.

I also am playing around with the idea of getting a new job. I had an interview down near where my fiancĂ© works last week and I have another one in the city this Friday. The one out of the city is a lateral move and the one in the city is two grades higher than I currently am. The goal is to get out of the city, but if I get offered the higher grade, I may put up with it for a while longer just so I can increase my earnings. It’d be nice to close the gap between Eric’s salary and mine a little. With all the issues we’ve had in the city lately between rioting, stabbings, and the general crime rate we always seem to have, I’m more than ready to get out of here. The place I interviewed out of the city is in a beautiful building with a daycare center attached, so I could take the baby there and nurse on breaks plus I might be able to sign Denise up for a summer program. I love my job and there are things I would miss about it, but I really would love to just get out of the city and be able to drive my own car to work every day instead of relying on public transportation. The hours would be the same as I have now, so that was a huge relief to hear. I’m not sure what they would be at the in city job, but that will certainly factor into my decision as well. I just don’t want to be pregnant here.

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