Monday, November 2, 2015

Married and Loving It!

It has been months since my last post, and I can only say that life got really busy in the weeks leading up to the wedding. Before I get into wedding talk, I have news! Eric got a new job and finally escaped the boss he couldn’t stand to work for anymore. He started his job in mid-September and has been enjoying the new place. Around the time he started, I got a phone call from one of the positions I had interviewed for back in June. Apparently the person they hired decided to be a stay at home mom, and was leaving and since we scored only a point apart, they wanted to see if I was still interested. Then they spent about a month stringing me along, in which time, the OTHER position I interviewed for in June called and offered me a position. It seems they had been waiting all this time for their HR department to approve their choices and that is why I never heard from them.

So, I had a choice to make. The position that was stringing me along was the position in the city that offered a higher salary, and the position out of the city was a lateral move. In the end, I chose the position out of the city because it was better for my family. The daycare attached to the building was a huge selling point for our plans for a baby next fall, and while I wouldn’t have minded an increase in salary, it wasn’t enough to make me want to continue commuting to the city for the foreseeable future. My last day at my current job is November 10th and then I start at the new place on the 12th since we’re closed the 11th.

On to the wedding! It went so well! My sister’s fiancĂ©e was such a huge help with setting up and making sure everything ran smoothly. She really did an amazing job with my vision (and continuously told me to stop doing things and just relax for my big day). She had a lot of help from my brother and some of the rest of the bridal party as well. It was just such an amazing day! Everything came together in the end and while there were some bumps leading up to the day (such as not loving the officiant Eric chose for us, dealing with our former photographer, and then changing the location of the ceremony last minute due to weather concerns), but in the end it turned out beautifully. We ended up having the ceremony right outside the pavilion because it was rather chilly the day of and while it didn’t rain, having it at the waterfront just seemed like it wouldn’t go over well for our guests. I’m so glad we rented patio heaters and had space heaters in the pavilion because otherwise it might have been too cold.

I am also so happy we switched photographers! The one we chose was such a joy to work with and she even offered to do a special project for me. I had asked for a picture of me looking at a photo of my mom at the wedding (which now that I think about it, we never got to), but she said she could photoshop a photo of my mom into a picture with me in my dress. She’s sent me a sample of what she’s trying to do and I love it. It looks realistic and makes me feel like my mom was with us in spirit on that special day. Kiddo and I did a special dance to honor my mom and the photos I’ve seen so far from friends of that are so special to me.

Now that the weddings over, I’m trying to catch up on sleep! We were so exhausted by the time it was all over that we really just spent our days off afterwards just hanging out around the house. Our honeymoon is not until December and thanks to my father, it’s still on! Kiddo’s dad is getting a divorce and he told me he didn’t have the leave to take a significant amount of time off to take her for holidays. I negotiated with him to take off a day at Christmas time to take her the night before New Year’s Eve and my father offered to take her from the night before we leave for our honeymoon until her father can get her. So we can still go on our honeymoon! We’re so excited for it and desperately need the time off and away! We’re going to Isla Mujeres, Mexico for 5 days. They keep changing our flight plan to extend our stay. Our flight leaves at 6 in the morning, which we’re not thrilled about, but hopefully we can catch some sleep on the plane. Then on the way home, we were supposed to leave at 2:30, but they just changed it to 6 pm, so now we’re planning a half day excursion to Tulum before we go to the airport. We’re also planning on going to swim with the dolphins while we’re there, which should be loads of fun! The rest of the time, we plan to just relax, explore the island and hang out on the beach. We didn’t want to plan a bunch of things to do because we know that the main thing we need is just some R&R.

I’m happy to be married and so happy that the wedding is over! Hopefully I’ll have more time to post once I settle in to my new job!

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